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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Accent on Wine, Summerville, SC-Review

Though the evening was overcast, wet and dreary, I couldn’t help but feel optimistic as I saw the warm and inviting light of Accent on Wine in Summerville. As I walked up to the outdoor seating, I was compelled to experience the small town atmosphere while enjoying what I anticipated to be a very pleasurable meal. Nestled in the historic downtown Summerville on a quiet street, I perused what was an impressive, yet comprehensive menu. There were so many choices and all of them seemed so elegant and well thought-out, (not the montage of items thrown together that one encounters on a lot of menus in this day and age).  I ended up, after careful consideration, choosing the Monday beer flight and the duck and orange pâté.

Both arrived very quickly and I was impressed by the attentiveness of the staff. The music was the perfect combination of optimistic, yet relaxing and set the perfect tone as I took in the culinary artwork that was displayed before me on a modest wooden platter. Such a simple dish was laid out in a way that made me feel as if I had ordered the most exquisite item on the menu.

The bread was light and airy but browned enough to give it the perfect crust. The gherkins and dates balanced the dish out perfectly with just the right combination of tart and sweet. The pâté itself was done in the most traditional French style. Each bite was filled with wonderful layers of flavor. The combination of duck with orange gave a rustic feel that transported me to the French Countryside. It was juicy, full of flavor, meaningful. The mustard that accompanied the dish, I have to say, stole the show. That mustard will haunt my dreams, the way that it brought out all of the flavors of everything else, it was truly exceptional. It was not your traditional mustard , it had texture and depth and soul.

Regarding the beers I have to say that the Mikkeller 19 and the Southern Tier crème brulee stout we’re truly amazing. The 19 paired with the dish perfectly, complementing the other flavors as it unfolded each one of its own. And the crème brulee stout was the perfect ending to an exceptional meal, with its vanilla bringing back the best memories of childhood with a very adult twist that balanced out the entire experience. Enjoying each sip as I admired the paintings displayed on the walls was a truly cultured experience.

Overall, I would have to say that Accent on Wine in Summerville far exceeds expectations and delivers in a way that makes it a shining beacon of elegant gastronomy in the heart of the south. I am blissfully daydreaming of my next visit to this exceptional establishment.

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