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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Burntshirt vineyards, Hendersonville, NC review

A quaint, peaceful road leads into Burntshirt vineyards and ends in convenient parking right next to the rustic main building. As I walk up, I can see fields brimming with rows of grapes, an apple orchard in the distance. A cafe-style outdoor patio creates a welcoming environment. Inside, it is crisp and clean, with various merchandise lining the walls and there are two tasting stations.

There are two different flights of wine offered or you can try both. I choose both with a feeling of optimism. The first three wines are unremarkable. The next three…decent. The Meritage is an exquisite red blend. It’s dry but not overly so and the notes of each wine in the blend create a symphony of taste. A beautiful wine.

On to the floral and fruity wines, the Apple wine is excellent. It is not overpowering and could be paired with a multitude of fall dishes, the Riesling is a triumph as well. The Rosé is a beautiful marriage of berries, a fun drink for throughout the year.

The two that really exceed expectations are the Villa Rosa and Sunset Sippin’. The Villa Rosa is a semi-sweet red that delights the senses with its fruity bouquet. The Sunset Sippin’, true to its name, is the perfect sipping wine. Easy to drink, excellent bouquet, multiple notes, a beautiful masterpiece!

Sunset Sippin’ is so enjoyable that I purchase a bottle to enjoy on my vineyard picnic. It pairs perfectly with the crackers, cheeses, meats, biscuits, spreads, olives, and fruits. The vineyard provided an adorable top hat ice bucket to chill the bottle.

Overall, Burntshirt vineyards is a fun place to visit. The selection is enjoyable, the atmosphere inviting. If it’s during a busy time of day, you may end up waiting a ridiculous amount of time in between tastings, but all-in-all, a fun experience. If you are traveling to the mountains of North Carolina, it’s worth the trip to stop in and enjoy the Burntshirt experience.

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