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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Food the Ultimate Status Symbol for Millennials

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, no matter where you go online you are bombarded with images of someone's plate. Is it narcissism or a positive trend?

It seems that millennials love to be one of a kind, even though fifty percent of them identify as "foodies". In a world where individuality reigns supreme and with so many "trendy" diets to choose from, food choices are an easy place to assert one's own uniqueness.

For many young people, especially those in their early 20s, buying a house or their dream car is not possible with the current market. More of these millennials are choosing to assert their adulthood, status, and education level by being very deliberate about their food luxuries. Nothing quite says "look how well I'm doing in life" like a snapshot of your caviar covered Maine lobster plastered on social media.

Normal food has become boring, a thing of the past. Now it's all about the search for specialty cheeses, exotic fruits and vegetables, luxury proteins. The goal is to make the experience as unique and individualized as possible. The search for the next big culinary thrill is ongoing quest.

With the world at our fingertips, the expectation for transparency from companies and organizations has been the next evolutionary step. The age of "secret" sauces and ingredients are a thing of the past. Millennials want to be able to recreate their favorite dishes and they want to be able to feel empowered about where their food comes from. Locavores is a real term now and it's all about locally sourced and sustainability.

To be gluten-free or vegan is trendy and stylish. Its okay to eliminate entire food groups as long as you're doing it for ethical reasons, or under the guise of health choices. Its hip to choose the organic kale and berry salad with local crumbled goat cheese. Fast food fried chicken and box macaroni and cheese just aren't as photogenic. And, really what's the point in eating it if you can't upload an amazing, envy-worthy photo to social media? For more on how this is affecting restaurants, check this out :

What do you think of millennials' food focus? Is it beneficial or is it leading to more food obsessed problems?

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