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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Having a Halloween Party? Here's the must-have recipes!

It's no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. And, I may have been known to go all out for parties...fog machines, strobe lights, horror movies in the background, the whole nine!

But, you can have the best atmosphere and if the food is lacking, it makes the whole thing a flop. So without further adieu, here's the recipes that will MAKE your party!

Meat Skull
Deli meat, barbeque sauce, plastic mold
This is a simple set up that packs a punch. I bought a plastic skull form from the Dollar Tree to start. Then take your favorite deli meats and tear than into various sizes. It should be somewhat messy, so no need for perfection.

Cover the skull in a layer of barbeque sauce and add a layer of the meat. More sauce, more meat. Continue until you're happy with your skull.

Serve with cheese and crackers and you're off the a great start!

Jello Shot Worms in Oreo Dirt
Jello, Vodka, Oreos
To make these, you need a pack of bendy straws. Cut them in half and stretch them out. Bundle them together with a rubber band and put them in a tight fitting cup.

Now use your favorite Jello shot recipe, might I suggest this one Pour your Jello into the straws and let them set.

While it's setting, run some oreoes through a food processor for your "dirt". Put this to the side for now.

After the Jello straws are solid, run them under some lukewarm water to loosen them and remove them from the straws. Bam, worms!

Toss the worms gently with your Oreo Dirt and them put them in a serving dish, sprinkle the remaining "dirt" on top.

Perfect adult Halloween party snack!

Gruesome deviled egg eyes
Eggs, Mayonnaise, green food coloring, Sliced Olives, Black icing, salt
Boil a dozen eggs for 35 minutes. Remove the shells, rinse, and halve the eggs. Remove the yolks and mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise at a time until you have a creamy, stiff consistency. Add 1/4 tsp salt and a couple of drops of green food coloring.

Put the filling in the egg whites and top with a slice of olive. Use black icing to make veins and you are done! These will keep in the fridge for a day or so, you can make them ahead of time if you need to.

Ashtray Fruit Dip
Oreos, Powdered sugar, candy cigarettes, assorted fruit
Gross, I know...but really delicious all the same.
Run Oreos and powdered sugar through a food processor for your "ashes". Put these in a "brand-new" never used ashtray, (for realism).

Add a few candy cigarettes and serve with a fruit platter. Apples and bananas pair very well with this.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and above all, have fun! I would love to hear your Halloween party stories, so comment below.

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