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Friday, October 21, 2016

Is This New Restaurant Trend Killing Ambiance?

We've all heard the saying, "we eat with our eyes". Well, restaurants have started taking it to the next level. If you've noticed the dimly-lit, cozy atmosphere in restaurants replaced by bright, unflattering lights, you can blame social media.

As the quest to be "Facebook famous" grows, more people are searching for that perfect dining photo. Restaurants have picked up on this and are attempting to cash in on the free advertising.

This means brighter lighting for higher quality phone camera shots. Some restaurants are taking it a step further with food photography classes on a weekly basis. Specialized plates are being utilized that allow even the most amateur photographer to produce high quality images.

With all of this focus on photography, expect your dishes to be dressed up a little fancier than usual. Extra garnish, elegant presentations, all of the bells and whistles to make them camera-ready.

Some restaurants are tring to encourage this trend even more by offering incentives to guests who upload photos to their social media sites. While other restaurants feel that this new trend is an abomination and are banning photography completely.

What are your thoughts on this new trend? Do you think restaurants and chefs should be focused more on diners' experiences than their photographs? Do you prefer the brighter lighting?

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