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Monday, October 17, 2016

Toss the smoothies-chocolate cake is the new healthy breakfast food

Chocolate cake? The kid in all of us is doing a happy dance right now and rightfully so.

New studies suggest that adding chocolate cake to your breakfast routines can have a plethora of positive results. And, unlike other diet trends out there, you don't have to psych yourself up to indulge in chocolate.

Scientists have conducted new studies that show eating cake occassionally for breakfast can have positive effects on your waistline. Groups that had cake as their morning meal were less likely to indulge throughout the day and saw an increase in weight loss.

Eating dessert foods in the morning when your metabolism is at its highest is the best way to our those delicious calories to their best use. And chocolate has been proven to increase cognitive brain function and memory. I like to eat it because it tastes good, but hey, you can't argue with science.

We should be seeing an increase of dessert menus and options at restaurants for breakfast in the coming year. And, I predict some amazing new breakfast cake recipes as well.

Experts suggest choosing lower sugar, high quality chocolate options and using common sense. You are not advised to polish off an entire black forest cake. Reach for amuse-bouche chocolate cakes and you'll be right on track.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this new trend, as well as any experiences you have on this subject.

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