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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donald Trump's Eating Habits and What They Mean for America

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is America's new President-Elect. Here's what his favorite foods and eating habits could mean for America during the next four years.

Mr. Trump has a reputation for his love of fast food. He likes foods that are ready at all times, and prefers everything well-done. He doesn't really favor elaborate meals planned out well in advance, he decides when he's hungry what he wants and he wants it now!

These facts elude to this billionaire baron's personality. He sees hunger as a problem to be solved instead of an event. He is concerned with bigger things, the entire picture, the end goal.

Mr. Trump prefers hand-held foods, also known as biting foods. This shows us some insight into his aggressive nature. When he wants, something, he goes for it. Not a bad quality for the U.S. President.

Fast food is very relatable, it spans across the divides of race, religion, and creed.  A majority of people cannot afford elegant dinners in the finest restaurants, but everyone has had a McDonald's cheeseburger. And, fast food is cheap food. Perhaps it makes financial sense. At least we know that the country's budget will not be frivously spend on lavish cuisine.

Donald Trump is known as a man that prides himself on cleanliness. Perhaps this is why he prefers his steaks and eggs extremely well-done. It would not be beneficial to experience some negative result from undercooked food and Mr. Trump is willing to sacrifice flavor for his ability to function at his best at all times.

Coffee, tea, and alcohol are suposedly banned on his diet, and he limits starches and carbs. Maybe this trade off helps him balance his fast food intake. Balance is important and knowing how to limit oneself is an excellent presidential quality.

Regardless of his frequent fast food fare, Mr. Trump is no animal at the table. He eats his KFC and his pizzas with a knife and fork, exuding proper table manners and etiquette at all times. Such a crucial quality when representing the nation.

His favorite ice cream is cherry vanilla. Not basic, but far from extravagant. A man set to purpose with no need for the frivolous extra bells and whistles.

Based on his eating habits, it seems safe to say that our new Commander-in-Chief will be a man that is aggressive in his pursuits, doesn't get caught up in life's extravangant distractions, has a knack for finding balance, is relatable to the people, and allows himself simple pleasures occassionally. All positive qualities that can be admired.

What do you think about our next President's eating habits? Do you think they show positive qualities?

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  1. Apparently CNN was inspired to elaborate on this!