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Monday, November 7, 2016

Is This Historical Cake Enough to Bring Harmony to Election Day?

Nothing can quite bring people together like cake. And what better way to celebrate our unity as a country during this trying time than with a traditional cake reserved for just this occasion.

Historically, election day was a celebratory affair, filled with food and drinks. People would travel to the polls, visiting family and friends along the trip. There were dances and special balls to commemorate the occasion.

During this special time, women would bake election cakes and give them to men at the polls to encourage voter turnout. Voting was harolded as an American right and that was something worth celebrating. (And it still is, in my opinion.)

This sourdough cake is a cousin to the fruit cake and a batch could feed an entire community. Typical recipes could call for 10 lbs of butter, 13 lbs of sugar, and 3 dozen eggs among other ingredients!

Election day was a reminder of the principles that America was founded on. With all of the stress associated with this election, perhaps we could all benefit from sharing some election cakes together as one nation. Remember, after all of the votes are counted, we are still Americans and we are all in this together.

You can find an excellent Election Day Cake recipe here via the Cooking Channel:

Do you make Election Cakes? Have you ever heard of them before now?

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