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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lose the Holiday Weight with this Simple Tip

The holidays bring lots of delicious treats and and decadent dishes filled with nostalgia. And, we want to enjoy everything which generally means we sacrifice a few pounds on the scale to be able to have a little bit of everything. And that's okay, but now we want the weight gone! Here's the best habit to help you bounce back and maintain your weight.

Stop snacking. I know, I know, even when it's not a holiday, we are bombarded with snack foods. Chips and dip, snack bars, candies, cookies, cakes, hand-held foods in every shape, size, and color. No food is off-limits, but you need not eat them in between meals to enjoy them. When you snack throughout the day, you're not allowing your body to truly be hungry at meal times. You're also adding in a lot of extra calories that your body really does not need. In a society surrounded by snack foods and the fourth meal drive thru option, we have become scared of hunger.

Hunger is good. Not starving, but being hungry for the meal. This allows you to enjoy it. And, if you'd put forth effort for a home-cooked meal, this matters even more. No one wants their efforts taken for granted by ruined appetites due to snacking throughout the day. When you snack, you're mindlessly eating. Oh how setting the table and enjoying food there makes all of the difference! Allowing yourself to savor every bite and listening to your body's hunger and full signals allows you to take control of that number on the scale. While also allowing you to enjoy everything that you want.

Have your snack foods, just incorporate them into your meals. Have them as a last course or dessert, after your modestly portioned meal. Or do a spread of finger foods as the meal itself. Nothing should be off limits, except snacking in between meals. Be creative in how you incorporate these fun foods into your meal times.

And, if you must add in one more time to eat during the day, take after the French. They have a designated snack time, mostly for children, around four in the afternoon. It's called goûter, (pronounced goo-tay), which is both a noun and a verb. That is the only snack time. Even in weekends when it's customary to bake a cake with their children in the morning, they wait until the goûter to enjoy it.

This outlook allows them to enjoy the sweets, but during appropriate times. This also teaches adults and children alike, patience. A crucial added bonus in my opinion. So, enjoy whatever you want. Just do it during the mealtimes that work for you and your family. Banish snacking and incorporate those foods into your meals. Be mindful and practice moderation.

I hope that these insights help empower you to take control of your eating habits. Do you snack? Have you ever heard of goûter? Will you still snack?

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