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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Are diet foods bad for you?

Most of us have reached for the diet soda or artificial sweeteners at some point when trying to lose weight. Unfortunantly, artificial sweeteners can actually rob us of our health and cause additional weight gain.

Weight Gain - Our bodies react to fake sugar the same way as the real stuff. It triggers signals that cause fat to be stored instead of burned.

Dulls taste buds - the intense flavors of sweeteners such as aspartame overload tastebuds hindering us from being able to enjoy the subtle sweetness of things like fruit.

Disprupts body's natural ability to regulate calories - when our bodies are flooded with synthetic foods, it hinders the body's natural ability to handle hunger and full cues.

Depression - Artificial sweeteners have been linked to a 30% increase in risk of depression. Aspartame has been categorized as a neurotoxin by the EPA right alongside arsenic.

Damages kidneys - artificial ingredients put an unnecessary strain on kidneys which are ill-equipped to process them.

Linked to weakened bones - individuals who consume two or more servings of diet foods have an increased risk of osteoporosis and suffer from more broken bones than those who abstain.

Damages brain cells - lab studies have concluded that artificial sweeteners damage, and even completely destroy certain brain cells, causing headaches and a decrease in fine motor skills.

These are just some of the potential issues associated with diet drinks and synthetic sweeteners. If you're trying to lose weight, nothing is better than reaching for real foods in moderation. We can't outsmart nature and by trying, we are only setting ourselves up for potentially serious health complications in the future.

You can find additional information herehere, and here.

I hope you found this information helpful! Were you aware of the health risks associated with artificial sweeteners before reading this? Do you use them?

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