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Monday, January 30, 2017

Are you getting the most use out of your flatware?

Flatware used to be very coveted tools that were considered a luxury. In modern times, it seems that a single fork on the table at each place setting is accepted as adequate. This is an injustice that has led to sloppy eating habits and a loss of etiquette as well as manners.

At the absolute minimum, a place setting should have a knife and fork. Preferably a bread knife on a bread plate as well if the meal so dictates. Having a dinner knife allows you a "pusher" for getting smaller bites of food onto your fork. This eliminates the need to shovel bites of food off of your plate and into your mouth.

Having a separate bread knife ensures that your butter stays clean and that guests can access the butter as needed. Its terrible to use your dinner knife on your dinner only to find out that you were expected to use it on the butter first. If you will not have bread knives, ensure that your guests have access to the butter before soiling their dinner knives.

If you have a salad or vegetable course, you should utilize a salad fork and knife. The smaller fork is specifically designed for salads and the knife ensures that larger pieces can be cut into manageable bites.

The larger spoon in your flatware set is the soup spoon. The smaller one is the tea or dessert spoon. If you have one of the modern sets, it is generally a five-piece set. A small fork and spoon, a large fork and spoon, and a dinner knife. To fully utilize this set, you can use the smaller fork and the dinner knife for the salad, the larger fork and a steak knife for the entree, the larger spoon for soup, and the smaller spoon for dessert.

Ensuring that you use the proper utensils for your meals will empower you to have an enriched dining experience. You and your guests will be able to have more control over the food on the plates giving confidence and enjoyment to all.

Do you utilize multiple pieces of flatware for your meals? Please comment below with your thoughts and experiences.

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