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Monday, January 2, 2017

Do You Truly Experience Your Food?

In this day and age, many of us have lives so demanding that we have become accustomed to rushing. One common sacrifice is the act of savoring our food. To consume anything at all some days is sadly considered a victory.

Meals are one of the most primary functions that we achieve throughout the day. How we approach them says a lot about our personalities. If we treat meals as an inconvenience or something that merits little more than an afterthought, then we are telling ourselves that we are not worth the effort. We are stifling our own importance.

We must love ourselves enough to savor our meals. We all deserve to have the time to experience our food. Interesting things happen when we do this. Our taste buds may change. We realize that certain foods taste differently when we take the time to chew. Slow eating also leads to better digestion and becoming full from less food.

To truly savor your meals, start in the kitchen by savoring the various aromas. Allow your anticipation to grow. Set the table with the best that you have, even if you're dining alone. You're worth it! When you practice self-love, it spreads to all areas of your life in the most beautiful way.

When you sit down to eat, plate your food beautifully. Use appropriate portion sizes. Not too big for obvious reasons, but not too small either. Starving yourself in your younger years will only destroy your metabolism later on, not to mention that it can lead to very sad health complications and an awkward lifelong relationship with food.

Take small bites, chewing carefully. Taste your food. Experience the different layers of flavor. Give yourself permission to enjoy it. Take breaks in between bites. Put down your fork and knife. Savor the aftertaste as well. Enjoy the combination of flavor, and texture and the resulting culinary experience in its entirety.

If you are dining with others, enjoy conversation with your meal. But please don't use your phone, (mobile or landline). No doing anything other than savoring your food and fellow diners.

Understandably, there will be times when sitting down and savoring your food will be impossible. This should be the exception and never the rule. Strive to relish your meals as much as possible, even if only for twenty minutes. The differences that you will see will make you very happy that you did.

Check out my video where I discuss this in more detail here. Do you take the time to savor your food? Do you rush through every meal as an afterthought?

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