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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Plan your Starbucks Dates Carefully

That moment when you're having an amazing date night with your husband. The anticipation. The joy of making yourself extra pretty. You have your Starbucks gift card and you are ready to go! This is a tale of planning ahead and knowing thy limits.

When we arrived at Starbucks, we were so excited that it was actually slow. There were maybe four or five people inside, a few others enjoying the seating on the patio. Did I mention that it was seven at night.

We were both optimistic that we would be able to enjoy our highly caffeinated delights with no late-night repercussions. My husband got a chocolatey frappacinno and I ordered the smoked caramel. We got them almost immediately and they were amazing.

We sipped them slowly in the peace and quiet, enjoying our view of the moon from the window. It was peaceful, romantic, delicious. We finished our drinks and decided to get refills. This one time, frugality was not on our side.

I ordered an iced coffee and my husband got sweetened tea. More caffeine, more sugar. We took a few sips and loaded up in the car to head home. We enjoyed our refills all the way home. It was late by then and my bedtime for the night.

We got our sweet daughter settled in and then I went to bed myself. I laid there peacefully for the next THREE hours trying to lull myself to sleep! Yes, I know, if you can't sleep, you're supposed to get up and try later. Try that advice when you're absolutely exhausted and hyped up on caffeine and sugar at the same time.

I finally went to sleep that night, and when I did, it was a peaceful sleep. When I woke up, part of me was totally saying "worth it!", but the rest of me realized that perhaps, Starbucks dates should be reserved for mornings and afternoons. So, it was a valuable lesson learned. Beware when Starbucks beckons you with its amazing coffees, and be aware of the time of day. And, although I had a wonderful, romantic time with the man of my dreams, if we go in the evening again, I will be exploring decaf options.

I hope that you enjoyed this little adventure that I had. Have you had a similar experience? Has your body informed you of new limits lately?

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